SS-D180 shredder


The shredder is designed for shredding straw or hay pressed in rolls. In certain cases, after obtaining the manufacturer’s permit or testing, it is possible to shred square or rectangular pressed bundles. Required fraction of the shredded product at the output is possible after selecting a sieve of a certain throughput from the range offered by the manufacturer. In case product fractions of a smaller size are needed, insert a finer sieve, and vice versa. The finer the sieve is, the higher is the kg/h throughput of the shredder, and vice versa. The user should select these parameters according to desirable result of throughput and fraction ratio.
The shredder with the conveyor is adjusted for the operations described in the manual in usual operation conditions. If the shredder is used for other works or in potentially dangerous conditions, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the consequences of operation. In case of adverse conditions of operation, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer of the equipment or its representative.
Specifications of the shredder
throughput 500 - 1200 kg/h
shredding fraction 10 - 15 mm
dampness of the product to be shredded >14 %
fitting roll diameter max 1700 mm
fitting roll length max 1200 mm + 600 mm
noisiness 77,8 dB +/- 5dB
output pipe diameter 200 mm
length 2300 mm
width 2200 mm
height 2350 mm
weight 750 kg
power supply 380V 50Hz
power 31,1 kW
current 63A
Specifications of the conveyor
length 4000 mm
width 1650 mm
height 1000 mm
weight 300 kg
power supply 380V 50Hz
power 1,1 kW
current 2,78 A
Correspond to all requirements raised by the EU.