Energy is not Self-Creative and Self-Destructive, Energy only transits from one State to Another …

The machineries made by our company, make a special contribution to the ecological and progressive forms of energy use. They ensure not only an economic effect in business regards, but also guarantee a moral and certainly progressive solution of ecological use of energy.
The word “energy” comes from the Greek language (“en” – inside and “ergon” – force). The internal force lies in our energy sources that in time we learn to deal with and to use in several ways. Nearly all the human activities influence the environment. The same happens with the use of the energy. Today, we use much energy in our household, therefore we became very dependent on energy suppliers. It is very important to understand and to know how to find ways of sustainable use of energy. Every year more energy is consumed world-wide. In the present discussions over energy, three most important questions are placed: the impact on the environment, the price and the safe access to the energy. Regardless of what type of source of energy we choose, the effect on the environment is inevitable. How can the environment be improved? Can nuclear power stations be replaced by some other alternative? Can oil consumption be reduced? Perhaps better technologies and new sources of the energy could serve as answers to these questions. The most important political issue is to create a balance between the energy consumption and environmental needs as well as to obtain the harmonious development for the future generations in high and low industrialized countries.
The earth possesses its own system for utilization of the natural materials. The human’s activities have disturbed the equilibrium of this system, having been sometimes inoperative, since we throw to the environment an amount of materials superior to which the air, the earth and the water can recycle. In addition, we throw new materials for whose processing the earth does not have own means. Therefore, the human impact on the nature brings new problems that have affects so much on the same people as on the environment.
The world-wide energy resources can be classified into such, which flow continuously and those, which develop in a shorter or longer time. The flowing energy, which can be accumulated within a short time, is called “renewable energy”. The energy, which storage requires a longer time, is called “nonrenewable energy”. The flowing energy comes from solar rays, water and wind. One of the examples of the energy generated in a short time is the energy in biological fuel. The energy, which is stored on a long-term basis, is uranium and all types of organic fuel (ex. oil, coal and natural gas). At present, nonrenewable energy stored on a long-term basis is consumed more often – 80%; the renewable energy generated in biological fuel – 11% ; remaining 9% belong to the nuclear, water and wind energy. However, in order to develop the harmonious society, we must transfer to the sources of renewable energy.
The emission of carbon dioxide, which brings to the greenhouse effect, can be reduced if the biological fuel finds broader use for electricity and heat production. When the biological fuel is burning, little gas is emitted to the atmosphere that increases the greenhouse effect. It is possible to obtain heat, electrical energy and fuel for motor vehicles from biological fuel. The biological fuel is used more frequently, being essential condition for harmonious and long lasting society.
The most abundant biological fuel resources come from the wood of our forests. In addition, these resources include parts of trees, as branches and tops, which cannot be applied in the forest industry for wood products and paper production. Shaving wastes and barks that come from sawmills, paper and paper pulp industries can also be used as fuel, both unfinished and processed to briquettes or pellets.
The pellets and briquettes are produced by pressing wood wastes. Sawdust, wood chips, bark and other type of wastes from sawmills and other wood industries are used as raw material that is dried and pressed to small fuel elements. In this way processed fuel turns out more comfortable to transport and to store at customer. Nowadays, more home-owners bend their boilers and fire-places to the possibility of heating houses with the fuel in form of briquettes and pellets. There are also several products of turf applied for different kinds of burning.
We need new ideas, technologies and more investigations in order to solve the questions of energy supply in the future. We must understand that we can affect the environment in everyday life by choosing and changing our habits.